LePort Huntington Harbor

Photo Fundraiser 

Fundraiser Details

50% of the booking fee will stay with LePort Huntington Harbor.

Session Details

April 19th 

15 minute 

3 digital files


Huntington Central Park

Morning and Afternoon availability 

There are a number of ways to use these sessions. Below are a few ideas on how you can use the session. 


-Family Portraits - Finally mark that off your to-do list


-Mother’s and Father’s Day - Get photos with your littles or use for gifts for grandparents and your spouse.


-Generations Portrait- Bring grandparents to get the generations together to 


-Celebrate a Milestone - Did your little one just learn to walk, is your kiddo having a promotion, having a big birthday?


 -Document their interests - Bring out the inner ballerina, astronaut, princess, fireman, pilot, fairy, train conductor: costumes and period outfits are fun, fun, fun! 

How to use the session

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 hello@biancajophotography.com  |  Tel: 714-225-0778

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