It's sure has been a crazy couple of months. I was thinking back on how long it had been since the shutdown and what felt like 6 months had only been 2 months, that was shocking, to say the least.

I, like many, had to close my business, all sessions were either canceled or postponed until the fall and it was tough but I am so glad that Orange County has started to lift the shutdown restrictions and hopefully start to get back to some new kind of normal.

I quickly got in contact with the city and the places I hold permits with and spoke about how conducting business again would look like for me and my clients and when that would be allowed again. I was very happy to find out that I am able to start booking clients again but will need to have a few restrictions in place for the safety of my clients, myself, and passersby's.

I want to share with you how a photo session would work in a COVID-19 world.

1-Photographer will wear a mask during the session.

2- Photographer will keep social distancing in place by keeping 6 feet away.

3-No more then 6 people including photographer and assistant(if needed).

4-Clients will need to be from the same household.

5-Session will only take place outdoors (sessions with a backdrop will take place outdoors).

6-Hair and makeup will not be provided until phase 3 in states/cites reopening plans. I have a guide that can help you do your own makeup and hair if you choose to use it.

It is an adjustment for all of us, now but with these guidelines, we can start to get back to doing business with each other safely.

If you have any questions about sessions and safety please feel free to email me at and I'd be happy to help in any way I can.

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  • Bianca Jo

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I am all for DIYing so when I found out how to make lace crowns I fell in love with it and it was really easy. You can find many tutorials but a lot of them take hours to make because you need to let them dry. I baked mine which cut the drying time down from hours to about 20mins!

What you need:


Fabric stiffener/mod podge

Hot glue gun

Sponge brush

Choice of paint

Parchment paper


Step 1: First you want to measure out the size of your crown based on the size of the person the crown is for, in the photo above I made them for me just to test out. The second time I made them for newborns.

Step 2: Get your cup and fill it with fabric stiffener, I used mod podge. Grab your lace and dunk it in the cup and get it fully coated. Use your middle and index fingers to ring out the access. Lay it out on your parchment paper and get all the bubbles out with a paper towel to one of the brushes you have with you.

Step 3: Let it dry! Now, most tutorials tell to let it air dry but that takes a couple of hours so I found someone who baked them. What you do is put your oven on to 175 degrees. Once it reaches that temp to it off then place the crowns with the parchment paper on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven for about 20 mins.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 a few times to get the desired stiffness.

Step 5: Once you have achieved the desired stiffness now is the time you can get creative with painting! I used shimmery craft paint colors like gold, silver, pink, and clear paint with glitter.

Step 6: You can let it air dry or put it in the oven again if you just can wait, like me!

Step 7: Almost done I promise! Now if it being dry you take it off the parchment paper, carefully it can stick. Grab your glue gun and glue the edges overlapping them to aligning correctly.

Step 8: The crowns are still flexible so you want to get a cup that has a graduated shape (top that is bigger than the bottom) and snugly place the crown on it so it will hold that shape. Leave it like this for about a day as the crown will get stiffer as it cures.

Below are a few of my crowns I made along with one my mentor used during one of her newborn sessions.

I was so excited when my mentor Julie Horn wanted to use my crowns for this adorable session!

If you plan on making them I'd love to see how they turned out! You can tag me on Instagram @biancajophoto so I can see your wonderful creations!

Click here for another DIY project!

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  • Bianca Jo

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I love creating things. It's how I enjoy downtime and with all the downtime I've had lately I needed to get back to creating. I have made a few flower crowns over the years for client sessions and I wanted to share how I created my crowns. This is a fun little project to do on your own or with the family.

So here is what you need:

1-Flowers of your choice

    I choose a color theme and thought about the contrast in colors and hue as well as texture.

2-Wire cutters

3-Floral tape 

4-Stem wire

In the image above, I had already cut the flowers and greenery to the length I wanted. When you buy the ones that come with multiple flowers, cut them leaving about 2 inches of the stem, then separate arrange the leaves and greenery to where you like it.

Grab the stem wire next. This is going to be the base of your crown, which you will attach the flowers too. Just one stem wire isn't long enough to wrap around your head so I put two together at the ends. 

Next, you'll grab the floral tape and wrap the ends together so they don't come apart. The tape is a little sticky and can easily stick to itself. You will want to stretch the tape a little to get the adhesive to stick better and wrap tightly.

I wrapped the entire stem wire in floral tape. For this one, I made a complete circle and wrapped the other ends together. You don't need to do that. I will be making another one and leave it open so I can fit it to whoever is wearing it so its a better fit for them.

I looked at my flowers and made an arrangement of how I wanted the flowers to be on the crown before I put them on the base. 

Pick the flower you want as the main piece and grab a piece of floral tape.

Place the flower where you want it. Leave a little space so you can shape the flower.

Wrap the rest of the flower stem to the base with the floral tape.

Continue the process with each flower and greenery pieces until you have the desired look you want by shaping the accent flower around the main flower.

I'd love to see what your crowns look like by posting them on your Instagram and tagging me (@biancajophoto)!

Interested in other DIY projects that I've done? I've painted a backdrop for under $100, Macrame wall hangings, and more! Let me know in the comments I may have a few that are fun and with fill up some time.

Click here for another DIY project!

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