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How To Get Unique Family Portraits

When you think of family portraits what do you think of?

Do you think of a posed family portrait with everyone smiling? Or are you thinking of a not-so-perfect portrait that shows who you are as a family and all its intimate moments, emotions, and personalities?

Family of five taking family portraits at the beach

I capture both types but I do focus more on the latter scenario. I create space for different types of poses and activities that will allow those moments to come out. You can focus on enjoying your portrait session as a special time with your family creating memories the whole family will enjoy.

Kids chasing waves at the beach

The session I am sharing today showcases just that! We captured the nice posed images, but those can be boring for the younger ones. When you are at the beach, you want to play and enjoy the beach. I plan activities like chasing the waves, jumping in the sand, or having a dance party (examples below). Everyone loves it. The kids enjoy portraits that include their likes and play and parents love the memories captured.

Bonus, you go home with tired kids ;)

It gives my families images they didn't know they needed.

If this is something you want click the button below!

I hope you enjoyed seeing how you can have great family portraits that highlight your unique family's personalities. You can capture your family in a way that is filled with as much joy as this family. If that sounds like you, click the button below.

Still need more time? No problem, you can find more about my sessions and what I offer on my website, blog posts "How to prepare for family portraits" and many more here

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