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I had it all planned out. All of my March posts and blogs and sessions scheduled. When the world stopped. And I felt I needed to rework the plans I had and readjust. So I focused on clients that needed my attention right at that moment. That meant everything else had to wait.

I wanted to share what I have been doing, what I think most of us have, in different ways, which is taking this time to see what we have and what’s important. I’ll share a few below.

1. Focusing on the Bible study groups I’m in right now.

A few friends and fellow biz owners and I started getting together in February to talk about how we as Christian business owners can bring God into how we conduct our business'. I have a second group that I am in that is studying the book of Luke verse by verse. A few others have put together Facebook groups to discuss books we are reading together. Thanks to sites like Zoom we have been able to keep on getting together while social distancing.

The best part about these studies is the ability to connect with others and encourage each other with God's truths. It has really grounded me. I am learning to have peace and have grown in my faith.

2. Reevaluating my business

I am looking at my business and thinking about where I want to take it and what that means in actions. This time has really given me that push to really evaluate what is important to me personal and how my business is an extension of that. I want to create beautiful portraits that capture generations, love, joy, confidence, and self-love. I want these images to be loved so much because it speaks of the beauty in the people in the photograph. These images printed and hung on the wall will be passed down and cherished for a lifetime. I wanted to create that for my clients.

3. Accepting that things have changed

Taking in what has happened, not reacting or acting in fear but accepting how it has changed business and regular life. It really hurt at first to see the work stop, like so many others, had to as well. I gave my self the ability to feel that.

4. Slowing down marketing efforts and social media marketing

I am learning to be ok that I am not on social media like before, at least during this time. I've seen so many entrepreneurs say that we need to up our game and new ways to bring in money but this is a time of uncertainty and so many have lost income right now that I cannot feel comfortable marketing and selling, thinking of only my loss of income. So I may not be as productive as I'd like to be but I want to be more intentional about what I do post and how I conduct any business activities.

5. Learning

Lastly, I've been going back to basics in my photograph by digging into new lighting and camera techniques, posing and better business practices. I've wanted to up my game in seeing light and editing my images. Since we have a stay-at-home order still that means I am testing it out on myself and I will share somewhat I've been working on in a later blog.

Tell me friend what have you been up to during this shutdown? Have you felt the same as I do?

And how can I pray for you?!

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As a kid, my Grandma was the main person in the family to make us take pictures. When you are a kid, at least me anyway, I just wanted to play. But Grandma would bring out the camera and take pictures 'til your cheeks hurt. I was never very fond of picture time and it may have been a reason why I love being behind the camera and don't care for 'posy' portraits. My aunt and I started making cheesy smiles every time my Grandma asked us to smile which would prolong the process. At the time, my Grandma didn't care too much for that look, but now (at least for me and my aunt) it's fun looking back at all the photos, good and bad.

I may not have enjoyed the process of taking pictures, but looking at the photos (what lead me to become a photographer) years later and remembering the fun moments spent with loved ones is special. It's a blessing to have photos because who knows the next time you will all be together. You'll also have images to pass on to family later.

Have you ever felt this way? Did you ever have photography experiences like that? It may have been boring for you as a child. It may have been an awful experience going to the photo studio, doing forced poses, the stress of everyone getting there on time and the waiting around until the session was finished, but with the right photographer, you can have a memorable and fun experience so that you'll look forward to taking portraits. Portraits can showcase more about your family's unique personalities, for instance, what you enjoy doing together or showing what your family's everyday life is like in a lifestyle session.

And of course, the most important part of having portraits taken is the product after the session is finished. Digital files are great but when was the last time you actually printed those files for gifts for the family or to decorate your home? Chances are it has been a long time. Having your images printed is one of the best parts of having your portraits taken. As a kid, I remember looking through albums of my great grandparents and hearing the stories that went along with the images. I wanted to know more and having the images made me feel that much more connected to them. Now that my great grandparents are gone, those are images I will always cherish and I can retell the stories to my family and they can get to know a part of where they come from.

I would love to answer any questions you have on creating this experience for your family! I can walk you through the process, make sure you enjoy this moment with your loved ones and that you walk away with prints in hand to share with family and friends for generations!

Send your questions to

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I was so excited when I was told he wanted to have his senior session at the ARTIC. If you don't know where or what the ARTIC is, it is a train and bus station in Anaheim right across the street from the Honda Center. The reason I was so excited was because it has great architecture and around sunset, there are lights that aluminate the top of the building. There are so many great places to photograph that you can spend a long time here, however, we were only doing a mini session for him.

The reason why the ARTIC was chosen was because of his love for architecture and it sure did deliver!

When you walk inside the station, the stairs with the high ceiling make you stop to take it all in and you can see why, it's just a stunning design.

Here he is at the bottom of the stairs.

This is the view from the top of the stairs.

This is probably the most iconic and photographed spot at this location and you can see why this is an epic spot.

Here he is on the bridge that takes you to the trains. This is such a fantastic background.

He didn't want the whole session to happen with the lights on in the background, however, you can see how cool it looks when they are on. It gets even better at night, but that will give you a completely different look and feel.

His sister is graduating from the 8th grade and mom wanted a session to mark this important step in her daughter's life as well.

The stairs are just so pretty that it made for such a great pop of color with her black dress.

As you can see, the lights just add another layer to such a great location.

We all had so much fun during this session and I am so happy to be able to add it to my list of locations for future sessions!

Do you want to do a session here? Email me at and I'd love to help make it happen for you!

Also, you can follow me on Instagram here to see more of my work and keep in touch.

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