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Showing A Better You In 2019

I just can't get over that it's almost Christmas and the New Year is just around the corner. One thing I love about the New Year is it gives you the feeling of starting fresh or a making a change to focus on letting go of fears or worry and more on joy and enjoying the journey (a few of my goals for 2019). One sure way of getting ready for the New Year is getting new headshots and putting the best version of yourself out there and to help I am sharing some tips on getting those perfect headshots that will showcase you in the best ways that support the person you are.

1) Why do you want new headshots

A few months ago I decided to pursue my business and I left my day job. It was a ground shaking decision and it's one I don't regret but I chose to get new headshots because I had decided to take my business to the next level.

Changing your hairstyle is also a good reason to get new headshots. You always want your headshots to represent the most current you. The rule of thumbs is to get new headshots at least once a year more if you change your hair style often.

2) What do you want to showcase

Headshots are more than just a photo of yourself as you are now. They also represent who you are in the industry you using the images for. Traditional headshots are very formal business portraits and don't to much of your personal side. Most places still need that type of image but there are some industries, like real estate agents, that can benefit from formal and lifestyle portraits. They will showcase business and allow agent to be more personable to clients.

3) Studio vs Lifestyle

As mentioned in number 2 you want to know why you are choosing to take headshots in the studio or take lifestyle. But once you do you then need to know what your options are for each.

Studio headshots can have many background options and choosing the best one that you will stand out in the best. I tend to make 3 backgrounds available white, black and grey. For longer sessions I will change the backgrounds so you can have more options to choose from.

Lifestyle headshots have more options then anything. If you have a home office, make your products out of your kitchen, or show clients homes for sale. Taking headshots in this style can show your clients more about you. They will get to see you investing for them and making you more relatable which can in turn make them book or purchase from you.

4) What to wear

Now that we've know what we've covered the basics it now time to talk about the hardest part what to wear! For me it takes forever to decide what to wear so here are a few things to keep in mind. Do you have a brand color scheme you want to stay true to which can go with either studio or lifestyle sessions.

If you chose studio and are going with one of the 3 background choices, you can' t really go wrong. Colors will pop can add a little personality to the shot and if you are struggling with which blazer or top to wear bring them to the session and depending on how long the session you booked you can try different things and give more options to choose from.

For lifestyle headshots you don't have to be dressed in business attire you can dress biz casual or even casual if that is go to be more relatable to your clientele. I work from home and most days I stay in my sweats with my hair up and no make up but if I was going to have lifestyle photos I would dress how I would feel comfortable with my clients. If your a home baker dress in an outfit that showcases that, do you work in coffee shops bring your laptop and coffee. It is also a good idea to showcase you interacting with clients. It gives a little preview of what clients can expect and a feeling like they know you a little more.

5) Social Media

Ok this is the last tip and it can no be ignored. Social media has been the biggest potential growth for businesses. All your clients are there and you want to make sure you are seen. Maybe you already have studio headshots that are up to date but you will need updated shots on social media and this is where lifestyle session really shine.

Did you know that the highest liked images of photos with you in them? Yea, it can be interesting when you see more engagement on a photo with you in it then, what you think, is the best work you've produced. Having at least one image of you a week will help with engagement and potential new clients.

Getting images of you in all aspects of what you do such as creating, packaging, behind the scenes, finished products, interacting with clients or even clients opening their product can all add to who you are as professional and your audience will love that you bring them along on your journey.

Thats all for today, let me know what you think in the comments. Did I leave any tips out? Share in the comments so others use those tips to look their best in 2019.

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