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3 Things to Think About for Your Senior Portrait Session

Updated: Apr 12

It is such an important time for High School Seniors! Knowing what you need to do to have a successful photo session that highlights this stage in life will help make this more enjoyable.

Planning Ahead

It is never too early to start thinking of a senior portrait session. Here are a few tips to help you get started on the process!

1- Decide the style of session you want and choose a photographer that provides that and any products you wish to purchase.

2- If possible, choose the date and the location before the time of the photo shoot so you can plan for the best light for the location you chose. Sunset beach sessions will be best at an hour before sunset with the best light just at sunset.

3- Choose the package you want and put a deposit down to reserve your session. If you like a photographer's style that fits your needs but is a little outside your budget ask if they have a payment plan. They may work with you and keep in mind products most likely will be released after full payment is complete.

Want more info for booking etc. Email me at with your questions as I'd love to answer them and start the process for booking your session!


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