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Senior Portraits - ARTIC, Anaheim

I was so excited when I was told he wanted to have his senior session at the ARTIC. If you don't know where or what the ARTIC is, it is a train and bus station in Anaheim right across the street from the Honda Center. The reason I was so excited was because it has great architecture and around sunset, there are lights that aluminate the top of the building. There are so many great places to photograph that you can spend a long time here, however, we were only doing a mini session for him.

The reason why the ARTIC was chosen was because of his love for architecture and it sure did deliver!

When you walk inside the station, the stairs with the high ceiling make you stop to take it all in and you can see why, it's just a stunning design.

Here he is at the bottom of the stairs.

This is the view from the top of the stairs.

This is probably the most iconic and photographed spot at this location and you can see why this is an epic spot.

Here he is on the bridge that takes you to the trains. This is such a fantastic background.

He didn't want the whole session to happen with the lights on in the background, however, you can see how cool it looks when they are on. It gets even better at night, but that will give you a completely different look and feel.

His sister is graduating from the 8th grade and mom wanted a session to mark this important step in her daughter's life as well.

The stairs are just so pretty that it made for such a great pop of color with her black dress.

As you can see, the lights just add another layer to such a great location.

We all had so much fun during this session and I am so happy to be able to add it to my list of locations for future sessions!

Do you want to do a session here? Email me at and I'd love to help make it happen for you!

Also, you can follow me on Instagram here to see more of my work and keep in touch.

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