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What Happens After Your Family Portrait Session

We had a beautiful and fun session and are walking back to the car. As we walk back, I go over all of the information we have discussed once more to make sure we are on the same page with expectations, etc.

Mother and father handing hands with two sons while walking together laughing

I ask my clients when they are available to have their viewing session (more on what that is in the next blog) and we set a date and time to have that meeting. We say our goodbyes and I will send an email with our viewing session date and time along with a sneak peek to keep the excitement going.

Typically it takes me about a week to edit a family session. This includes downloading the card, choosing the images, and editing and marking images that need more in-depth editing such as removing a trash can or people from the background. Once that is all finished, I upload them to an online gallery and make sure all the settings on the gallery are set before the gallery goes live.

Depending on what was discussed in the initial contract, I will have samples of the product I will be creating and getting ready for the viewing session.

At this point, I will send an email with a reminder of our viewing session and details for that meeting.

If you are looking for a great place to have a family portrait session, this is the perfect place right now because it is in full bloom with tall yellow mustard plants! Send me an email at to get the details about how to book your session. You can also follow me on IG @biancajophotography.

Not ready to book just yet? Check out my website for more services I offer and images of other family portraits.

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