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What I Have Been Up To During The Shut Down

I had it all planned out. All of my March posts and blogs and sessions scheduled. When the world stopped. And I felt I needed to rework the plans I had and readjust. So I focused on clients that needed my attention right at that moment. That meant everything else had to wait.

I wanted to share what I have been doing, what I think most of us have, in different ways, which is taking this time to see what we have and what’s important. I’ll share a few below.

1. Focusing on the Bible study groups I’m in right now.

A few friends and fellow biz owners and I started getting together in February to talk about how we as Christian business owners can bring God into how we conduct our business'. I have a second group that I am in that is studying the book of Luke verse by verse. A few others have put together Facebook groups to discuss books we are reading together. Thanks to sites like Zoom we have been able to keep on getting together while social distancing.

The best part about these studies is the ability to connect with others and encourage each other with God's truths. It has really grounded me. I am learning to have peace and have grown in my faith.

2. Reevaluating my business

I am looking at my business and thinking about where I want to take it and what that means in actions. This time has really given me that push to really evaluate what is important to me personal and how my business is an extension of that. I want to create beautiful portraits that capture generations, love, joy, confidence, and self-love. I want these images to be loved so much because it speaks of the beauty in the people in the photograph. These images printed and hung on the wall will be passed down and cherished for a lifetime. I wanted to create that for my clients.

3. Accepting that things have changed

Taking in what has happened, not reacting or acting in fear but accepting how it has changed business and regular life. It really hurt at first to see the work stop, like so many others, had to as well. I gave my self the ability to feel that.

4. Slowing down marketing efforts and social media marketing

I am learning to be ok that I am not on social media like before, at least during this time. I've seen so many entrepreneurs say that we need to up our game and new ways to bring in money but this is a time of uncertainty and so many have lost income right now that I cannot feel comfortable marketing and selling, thinking of only my loss of income. So I may not be as productive as I'd like to be but I want to be more intentional about what I do post and how I conduct any business activities.

5. Learning

Lastly, I've been going back to basics in my photograph by digging into new lighting and camera techniques, posing and better business practices. I've wanted to up my game in seeing light and editing my images. Since we have a stay-at-home order still that means I am testing it out on myself and I will share somewhat I've been working on in a later blog.

Tell me friend what have you been up to during this shutdown? Have you felt the same as I do?

And how can I pray for you?!

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