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When Weather Threatens Your Portrait Session, Carbon Canyon

Family of five walking hand in hand

Rain was in the forecast for the day of our family portrait session. We had two options, reschedule now or wait to see how the day turns out and make the final decision an hour or two before the session. Luckily the rain stopped around noon and our 2:30 session was still on!

The next thing we discussed was how the rain affected the location and if clothing options needed to be adjusted. Make sure you have good shoes (high heels are not a great idea after rain, I'll have a session about that coming soon) and that you are aware that there may be some muddy spots that we will work around.

Thankful we had a great portrait session together! There were a couple of muddy areas but we managed to not let that stop our session and have a good time with lots and lots of smiles.

At the beginning of the session, the youngest had a hard time interacting with me and participating in pictures. She only wanted Mom and gave me a pouty face. Most of the time when this happens I try and focus on the older kids who are ready to take photos so she sees us having some fun and that I am not that scary. Then I bring out the games and fun activities that they can do together and that's when she opened up and had fun.

I hope you enjoy this lovely family portrait session!

Family of five walking away with little one looking back

Parents taking portraits with each child

Husband and Wife portraits and walking together

Portraits of each person and family group

Family of five sitting on a blanket having laughing

Three siblings sitting on a blanket for a portrait

family of five taking a portrait and the three kids together

each child jumping

Husband and wife having a sweet moment together

Family of five laughing while walking on a trail together

Family of five swinging each kid as they walk on a trail

It was a fun day at Carbon Canyon. I hope you enjoyed the session and if you are thinking about having a session here, you are in luck I have mini sessions happening here on October 29th. Booking is open for subscribers only at the moment so if you'd like to save your spot you can subscribe here and get early access to booking your session!

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