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Why #ExistinPhotographs

Why am I mentioning a hashtag in my blog today?

So glad you asked! :)

#existinphotographs is a hashtag that highlights the importance of existing in not only photographs but printed photographs.

Why is this so important?

When your children grow up and look for photographs of you what will they find? 1 or 2 images?

Do you have photographs of your parents and grandparents that you love and treasure? How much more will they be treasured when those people are gone? Will you have portraits of you to hand down to your children or grandchildren?

Maybe you have digital images on your phone or computer. Can you find them easily? How many are forgotten or you are unsure where a specific image is on your phone or computer?

When you have hand-printed portraits, you'll avoid some of these issues and you will have beautiful work that will last generations.

The images in this blog are of my grandparents. There aren't many recent photos of them and none that I can remember of them hugging like the images of the two of them. The thing is my grandpa is losing his memory and I wanted to take portraits of them before he lost more of his memory. These images mean so much to my family now and have printed them and hung them on their walls. This is what I want to provide my clients. A family session may not have this much weight at the moment but it might and someday it will.

Send me an email at and I can share more about what I offer that will help you get images off devices and into your hands and on walls that can be easily found and passed down.

Not ready to talk just yet? Head over to my website to see some of the products I offer and how to get your own!

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