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3 Reasons For Couples Portrait Sessions

Family time is so important but can family time be effective if you haven't connected with your spouse regularly? Making time for the two of you will help with stress and managing the day-to-day life.

That's why I love couple portrait sessions.

Couple sessions are a little slower and can dig deep into the emotions of the couple. It's the main reason for the session. I get the nice portraits but we have time to connect while having fun together. I am sharing 3 reasons why having couples portrait sessions is a great idea.

Couple embracing with foreheads together in nature


When I say intimacy I'm not talking about boudoir photography. That's not one of my services but what I do mean is connection. Have you had time to sync with each other just the two of you? Without the kids needing your attention, the demanding schedules, and needing "me" time. Being able to sync and focus on each other will strengthen your relationship and in turn will spill over into your children learning how to love and be loved.

What does this look like during a session?

I typically start with prompts that will relax you and make you laugh. Once you feel more comfortable, I will ask you for deeper prompts like "Look into each other eyes and think about the moment you realized you loved them" or "sync your breathing together". The point of these is to get images that have deeper meaning and feeling other than we look nice.

Couple embracing each other laughing in nature

Have fun together

Think of this session as a date to enjoy each other's company. Have fun laughing together remembering why you are together. Creating happy memories helps the not-so-happy moments seem so bad. When you remember that type of communication, it will bring back those happy and joy-filled moments.

What does this look like during a session?

I start with certain kinds of prompts to get the nerves out and help you relax. Prompts like "stare in each other's eyes" always get the biggest laugh from couples maybe because you don't spend much time looking into each other eyes now, but it gets you laughing with each other which is key.

So much is coming out about the power of photographs on the mind—feelings of belonging and your place in a family and security. Having moments like these can remind you of the bond you have even when you don't necessarily like the person at the moment. Looking at an image like this can help you remember why working through conflict is beneficial.

Make it a Date Night

Date Night has been around for a while and so many couples make it a must for the health of their relationship. It can be hard to find time with varying schedules and it seems like more and more is added to them all the time. The session doesn't have to be the only thing you do, maybe start with your couples session and get a bite to eat or see a movie. I like trying new plant-based restaurants, maybe that's something you both like to do (maybe not plant-based but you get the idea ;) ).

I hope you keep these reasons in mind for your next photo time together. I can even sneak a few during a family session. These three reasons are why I make space for these types of photos during regular photo shoots. Check out my session with a couple I blogged about recently here.

If you would like a session for you and your significant other or you would like to gift a session to a couple email me at or you can DM me on IG @biancajophotography

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