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Why Print Your Photos and What Should You Purchase?

Updated: Apr 12

Today's blog goes in tandem with my previous blog "Digitals Yes and No". I talked about the reasons I like digitals and the reasons why I like products. This leads me to today's reason why I lead towards a product by showing the types of products you can get with your beautiful images.

When you walk into someone's home it's always warm and inviting when you see family portraits on tables and walls. Seeing the family happy and interacting in positive ways brings joy into the home. Studies also show the psychological benefits of having physical prints around the house. If you'd like to read those benefits check out this article "How family photos help kids".

Now that we know that prints are great for us to have in our homes, what are the products that best fit us?

I will share some products that are my most popular and also some new products that many may not be familiar with.

three 5 x 7 prints of a family

1. Loose Prints

Loose prints are pretty straightforward as they are ready to be placed in a frame of choice or a photo album or scrapbook. They come in sizes 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14. I print them on standard Kodak paper that is archival on a thin board to reduce bends in the print and will last a long time. Having the prints matted is also a great way to polish the prints and make them look more finished.

Another thing you can do is get prints of varying sizes and make a gallery wall. They can also make perfect gifts for birthdays and holidays.

2. Wall Prints

Wall prints can include canvas and framed portraits. Canvas and wall prints come ready to be hung on the wall. Sizes vary on space and what you plan to do with the products. If they are going to be made into a gallery wall with multiple images like 3 framed 11 x 14 images (16x20 with frame or larger depending on the thickness of the frame) with fill a wall. Frames are customizable and I will help during that process. If you want a single image to be a statement piece, sizes 16 x 20 and up are the way to go. The sizes below a 16 X 20 print will look small and you will be surprised at how big your wall space is when you put a smaller print up.

3. Albums

Albums are perfect if you want all your portraits in a nice bound book that you can keep on your table or shelf and will be a beautiful addition to your decor. Albums are the perfect medium to showcase senior portraits, newborns, celebrations, and weddings. You can get albums in sizes 8x8, 10x10 and 12x12. They come on professional-grade paper that is thick to reduce bends and tares. Customizable covers come in fabric solid colors to photo print covers.

4. Folio boxes

Folio Boxes are lux products I offer. They are premium wood and come in three colors natural wood, black and white. You can change the image in the window and the box holds up to 30 matted prints. They come in two sizes - a 5x7 print in an 8x10 matte and an 8x10 print in an 11x14 matte. The boxes are great for tables and shelves.

Providing products like the ones above brings so much happiness it's the reason I wanted to go into portrait photography. Going through family photos, walking through a family home, and seeing our photos brought me so much joy and security. I want to give that to everyone who comes to me for portraits!

Do you have a favorite product? Let me know in the comments.

Holidays are a perfect time when you have the family together to have family portraits taken. Email me at to book your family session.

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