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Can You Get Beautiful Portraits On A Cloudy Day?

In a perfect world, you'd want a sunny day with some clouds and a beautiful blue-pink sunset, and most of the time you'd get that in California but there are rare days when we do have weather here. If it's not rain it's wind if it's not either of those it's the marine layer. If the marine layer rolls in pretty early you won't get the sunsets unfortunately the summer has more of a chance for that to happen.

So what does it mean when your clouds are forecasted for your session time?

I'm here to show you that you can still get beautiful portraits on a cloudy day!

Couple Portrait at Aliso Beach on a cloudy day

Couple Portrait at Aliso Beach Cliffs Sunset

Couple Portrait walking on the beach at Aliso Beach

Couple portrait on the beach

black and white Couple portrait on the beach

Taking portraits on a cloudy day can add a dreamy look to your portraits and are perfect for a couple portrait session.

If a full hour of a couple's session isn't something you are interested you can always set a few minutes during your family session to take beautiful portraits you will love! If that is something you would like more information on you can book your session here.

If you need some more information you can head to "How To Prepare for Family Portraits"

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