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Capture Unforgettable Vacation Family Portraits

Family of three taking family portraits at the beach

Have you thought about booking a photographer while on vacation? I normally have Southern Californian clients book me, but when this beautiful family booked a session on their vacation, I truly wanted to make sure it was special. The beach meant something special to the couple and we planned a family session at Laguna Beach to share it with their baby boy. It was a beautiful sunny day perfect for family photos.

We had a blast during this session and I hope you enjoy their family photos. If you would like a vacation family portrait session scroll to the end of the blog where I share a few tips before scheduling yours and how to book an appointment today!

I wanted to share a couple of tips for vacation family portraits that you can take into action on your next trip.


Include the session (fee and prints/digitals) in your budget for your trip. Not having big financial surprises on your trip will make you feel less stressed. Planning in this area will help manage financial stress.

2- Local Photographers

Search for a local photographer in the area (or surrounding areas) where you are staying. Some sites like Flytographer and Local Lens help connect you to a local photographer based on the location. When you find a photographer you like you can see the locations they offer. I'd suggest choosing one with the images you love and then seeing the locations they offer. You could also search the city and photographers (Orange County Photographers) and see if there are photographers that offer sessions and locations you want.

3- Try Something New

Try a new location that you wouldn't have thought of before. If you are in LA, try a cityscape instead of the beach or park. Choose casual outfits and make them less formal like a family beach day, but everyone is in their bathing suits and the photographer captures building a sand castle or wave jumping.

4- Products

This is the number one ask when it comes to having portraits taken. Do you offer digitals? For vacation family portraits it is easier to purchase only digitals, but what if you could get products that you don't have to carry on a plane with you? Most photographers who sell physical products can ship items directly to your home. This is perfect because you have a built-in souvenir that you don't have to lug with you while you travel.

Are you planning a family vacation soon? Have you thought about having a photographer take family portraits while on vacation? I'd love to hear about it. If you are outside of Southern California and plan on visiting, head to my website to see if I'm the right photographer for you.


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