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DIY Flower Crown

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I love creating things. It's how I enjoy downtime and with all the downtime I've had lately I needed to get back to creating. I have made a few flower crowns over the years for client sessions and I wanted to share how I created my crowns. This is a fun little project to do on your own or with the family.

So here is what you need:

1-Flowers of your choice

    I choose a color theme and thought about the contrast in colors and hue as well as texture.

2-Wire cutters

3-Floral tape 

4-Stem wire

In the image above, I had already cut the flowers and greenery to the length I wanted. When you buy the ones that come with multiple flowers, cut them leaving about 2 inches of the stem, then separate arrange the leaves and greenery to where you like it.

Grab the stem wire next. This is going to be the base of your crown, which you will attach the flowers too. Just one stem wire isn't long enough to wrap around your head so I put two together at the ends. 

Next, you'll grab the floral tape and wrap the ends together so they don't come apart. The tape is a little sticky and can easily stick to itself. You will want to stretch the tape a little to get the adhesive to stick better and wrap tightly.

I wrapped the entire stem wire in floral tape. For this one, I made a complete circle and wrapped the other ends together. You don't need to do that. I will be making another one and leave it open so I can fit it to whoever is wearing it so its a better fit for them.

I looked at my flowers and made an arrangement of how I wanted the flowers to be on the crown before I put them on the base. 

Pick the flower you want as the main piece and grab a piece of floral tape.

Place the flower where you want it. Leave a little space so you can shape the flower.

Wrap the rest of the flower stem to the base with the floral tape.

Continue the process with each flower and greenery pieces until you have the desired look you want by shaping the accent flower around the main flower.

I'd love to see what your crowns look like by posting them on your Instagram and tagging me (@biancajophoto)!

Interested in other DIY projects that I've done? I've painted a backdrop for under $100, Macrame wall hangings, and more! Let me know in the comments I may have a few that are fun and with fill up some time.

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