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Salt Creek Beach- Muldorf Family Portraits

Family taking portraits in a park

It can be rare to have a great sunset for a family portrait session at the beach. You need, the sun but you also need some clouds to reflect the beautiful pinks and oranges in the sky. This session at Salt Creek Beach had it all and was just gorgeous. It was a beautiful reflection of the Muldorf family.

two sisters squeeze their brother

Husband and wife sitting in the sand with the cliffs behind them

a silhouette of a family walking in the water with a pink sunset

Portrait of husband and wife facing each other close with the ocean sunset

What did you think about those sunset portraits?! I just enjoyed this session so much.

Would you like to do a family session here? I'd love to capture your family portraits, you can email me at or you can head to my blog How to Book a Session with Me for more details.


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