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Family Portraits at the Beach? What you need to know.

Family of three walk their dog on a path

This sweet family wanted to have a beach family portrait session but it was winter time during sunset. There are a few things to remember for family sessions during this time of the year.

California is known for its nice weather but it can get really hot and really cold here. Check what the weather will be on the day of your session so you can prepare your outfits accordingly.

Choosing outfits with layers will help keep you warm but you can also take them off in case it's too warm you will still look great because the outfit items still work together. Usually, when we start a session the sun is still bright and warm but as the sun goes down it will get colder, That's when you'll be happy to have the layers that you choose will the outfits so you look cohesive in the portraits.

When the weather isn't great it will express it on everyone's faces. If it's too cold and you are shivering your whole body will express it as well as goosebumps and redness in the face. I want to make sure you are going to enjoy our time together and capture amazing family portraits and these few things will help make it more enjoyable for the whole family.

Me and the Susanto family still had a great session despite how cold it was, I hope you enjoy their portraits!

Family of three walk their dog on the beach at sunset

Would you like to do a family session here? I'd love to capture your family portraits, you can email me at or you can head to my blog How to Book a Session with Me for more details.


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