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What is a Viewing Session and Why is it Important

You are probably asking yourself

What is a Viewing Session?

And why do I need one?

A Viewing Session is where you see your family portraits gallery for the first time. Why, do you need one? Because not only is this where you see them, this is where you make decisions on what to do with the images and what you want to purchase.

There are two ways this session can be done.

First, you can schedule an in-person viewing session. I will bring my laptop and will show the gallery to you. I will include mockups of what products you could purchase with your images. I also will have samples of the products with me so you can see the quality and size of the products.

You can choose to have this in your home where I can show you what sizes would look like on your walls and tables. Or we can meet at a coffee shop etc.

The second option is we can have this same session online. We can set up a Zoom meeting where I can share my screen with you and have the same viewing of your session with mock-ups online. The only difference is you won't be able to handhold any products or see want they look like in your home. If for whatever reason we are unable to do an in-person viewing in your home, I have options to help you make these decisions.

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