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Aliso Beach Maternity Portraits

There is something special about celebrating new life. I love capturing maternity portraits because I find them so beautiful. It could be watching my family go through it as I was growing up. Like the sisters in the Rentiquiano portrait session shown, I was older when my siblings and cousins were born. I was so fascinated by what was happening. Watching the baby kick and move was quite an experience.

It was the best day for a session. The sun was shining with a few clouds, but the light was gorgeous. This maternity portrait session was so much fun. Great location, perfect weather, and a family filled with joy and excitement as they expect their first boy!

We met at Aliso Beach in the City of Laguna Beach. It's a great place to spend the afternoon and watch the sunset and play in the huge waves (or maybe just watch others play in them). It wasn't too crowded either which meant we had a lot of beach to ourselves.

Family portraits at Aliso Beach

We started at the grassy side of the park until the sun set a little lower in the sky. Doing this gave diversity to the maternity portraits and as a portrait photographer that is my goal - to give you different looks and environments where you can shine.

Maternity photography session

I love getting my clients walking during portrait sessions! It gives them something to focus on other than me and the camera and more focus on each other and having fun together.

After spending some time here, we walked down to the beach for the main event. California beaches!

I really strived to get real smiles, laughs, and love shining through the pictures and I do this by asking my clients questions and/or getting them to do certain actions. The results are pure magic!

Family portrait on the beach

The light was just fantastic for this session!

Pregnant woman at aliso beach in black and white

Mama is just stunning!

Pregnant women on the beach at sunset

It was such a blast celebrating the new little boy soon to come into the world and capturing this wonderful time for this family. There is something so enchanting about maternity portraits.

Excited about a new life and want to celebrate it with a maternity session? Head on over to my site for more details about having a session with me here or you can email me at I would love to capture your family's special moments!


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