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Jeffery Open Space-Schubert Family Portraits

The Schubert family portraits were magical. The light was just gorgeous! The color palette the family chose and the location just went perfectly together! Jeffery Open Space has great choices for portraits - it's hard not to find a background that isn't amazing. This was a special session because it was the last holiday session they would have with all their children at home. Their oldest son will graduate in 2023.

Sometimes to get a different reaction out of my families, I ask them to walk with their arms linked and bump their hips.

One place I always try and use as a backdrop is the tunnel. The light is always great here. When contrasted with the darker tunnel, the pops of light add great color.

It wasn't hard getting great expressions from mom and dad with each of their children, especially their oldest. I love asking kids to give mom and dad hugs during sessions because they may not always do it, however, the expression and connection are what I'm hoping to capture.

The light as the sun was setting just became pure magic and these shots are some of my favorites from the session.

Jeffery Open Space is a beautiful location for family portraits. I would love to photograph you and your family here or at any other location I offer (more on that coming soon!). Let me know what your favorite thing is from this session in the comments.

If you would like to know more about family portraits and how to book your own, feel free to email me at or DM me on IG @biancajophotography.

Not ready to book just yet? Check out my website for more services I offer and images of other family portraits.

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