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Salt Creek Beach - Family Portraits

Family of 5 sitting in the sand for a portrait

I've photographed a lot of beach sessions in the recent year and a half and it has been a major challenge as well as producing some of my favorite images. Photographing a family at the beach looks glamorous but sometimes can be messy and lighting doesn't always look the same. You have to deal with the sand, wind, freezing temperatures, and of course the water. When it comes to lighting, some days are covered with clouds and other days there isn't a single cloud in the sky, however, the days you pray for are the days with some clouds to get the beautiful sunsets.

This Salt Creek Beach family portrait session had a great-looking family who was comfortable sitting in the sand and dipping their toes in the water. The clouds didn't give the most colorful sunset but it was still a beautiful day. Even when the conditions are not what you are hoping for, when you have a flexible and adventurous family, we can make beautiful portraits together.

Do you think this is a great location for a family portrait session? I am holding mini-sessions here on November 26th, book now to grab your spot today! Spots limited.

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