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Favorite Parts About Being A Family Photographer

Today I will keep it short and sweet. I wanted to share my favorite parts about being a family photographer, or as the saying goes, "my why."

I grew up with grandparents and great-grandparents and I loved looking at old photos of them and hearing the stories of fun and laughter as well as sorrow and trials they overcame. I knew I wanted (at least for myself at the time) to document life like that and have photos to look back and remember where I came from and what I overcame. This is the backbone of my why.

1. Creating Memories

I create a space for families to enjoy being together which helps create memories they can have for a lifetime. Memories they will talk about years later. Life can fly by fast, kids grow up, people move away and sadly, family members pass on. It's always heartbreaking when you hear about a client's loved one that isn't doing well or has passed. Those images that were the last ones taken become so important now.

As a family photographer, I can capture beautiful portraits and memories of life, such as maternity, newborn, the kids each year/in each grade, graduations, generations portraits, couples and families being themselves, loving each other and enjoying who they are.

2. Creating Products

When I was in my photo classes, I loved developing and printing my work. Seeing it come to life in a tangible way was an awesome feeling. I could decorate my house or give them as gifts and it was a piece of me and my view of the world. There used to be a time when you had to print your images, you would put them in albums and have them to look at anytime, but now you don't need to. You can share them online, of course, however to me, it's missing a tangible feeling. And most often, images are forgotten on a computer or hard drive which has the potential to crash and lose those images.

That's why I love creating products for my clients. They will walk away with tangible images that are ready for a frame or coffee table and be seen and shared.

3. You

Some may know me as a shy person and for the most part that is very true, but putting a camera in my hands something happens. I am no longer that shy person. I have the experience and confidence that I will capture great images of you and your family. Some clients have come with many concerns and things they don't like about themselves, but by the end of the session, they are all smiles. Sometimes the kids are just not having it and parents are concerned, however, I have developed a plan to help get the images desired.

It is an awesome feeling delivering a gallery to my clients and having them so excited that I was able to capture beautiful portraits of their families.

Would you like to do a family session here? I'd love to capture your family portraits, you can email me at or you can head to my blog How to Book a Session with Me for more details.

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