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Jeffery Open Space - Torres Family Portrait Session

Mother and Father holding new baby boy

This sweet Jeffery Open Space family portrait session was a joy to capture. This was the couple's first baby and first time having family portraits taken. This little guy made us work for those smiles we captured and was giving us so many adorable expressions throughout the session.

This session was during a very busy time of year and it was a challenge to find a spot without people in the background, however, this is one place that has many beautiful locations to use as a backdrop for your family sessions.

Father holding his son for a portrait

close up of father and mother holding baby while mother kisses her baby boy

At the beginning of the sessions with real little ones, I like to tell my clients that the baby is in control of what we get because they have needs that need to be addressed quickly and will need time to soothe. For some reason, he didn't like it when Mom and Dad were sitting down and that meant we had to change up the poses. Being flexible during a session is something to keep in mind.

black and while photo of mother hold son

black and while photo of father holding son

 black and white photo of a baby boy laying down on a white blanket making faces

That sweet smile just warms my heart! Once we laid him on the blanket he just lit up and was smiling and talking. Made for great engagement between the family to end this family portrait session on a high.

Do you have a favorite facial expression? Let me know in the comments.

If you would like to know more about family portraits and how to book your own, feel free to email me at or DM me on IG @biancajophotography. You can also check out this blog post that gives some details on booking a session with me.

Not ready to book just yet? Check out my website for more services I offer and images of other family portraits.


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